Microsoft and SanDisk to offer next-generation U3 flash drives


Sandisk is expanding on existing U3 Smart Technology, hooking up with Microsoft to offer better integration with Windows-based PCs. The deal sees Sandisk developing new hardware, while Microsoft will focus on the software, with new devices available in 2008.

“SanDisk and U3 forged the category of smart USB devices, elevating simple flash storage to a whole new level of customer benefit,” said Will Poole, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Market Expansion Group. “We are excited to work with SanDisk on this next-generation experience, which will allow hardware manufacturers to better differentiate their products and provide an even richer software and services experience for customers.”

The new drives will be designed so that users can carry their familiar personal computing environment on a flash storage device, accessible on Windows XP and Windows Vista-based computers with a USB port or flash card reader. And users will be free to work on public or shared computers without fear of leaving personal information behind.

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Dave Walker
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