Linksys Wireless-G Phone for Skype now available in the UK


If you’ve managed to hold your nerve and keep a Wi-Fi connection on your home, despite all the scare stories, you might want to take advantage of it with the Linksys Wireless-G Phone for Skype, which is now available in the UK.

Basically, it’s Skype without the wires. In fact, it’s Skype without the computer too – only your Wi-Fi needs to be active for the phone to work. That’s because the phone holds everything you need for a Skype service, including SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail.

There’s also Wi-Fi Finder for seeking out a network, a 65k display and a range of up to 200m (outdoors) and 75m (indoors). The Wireless-G Phone for Skype is now available for around £99.99.

Linksys website

Dave Walker
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