Apple to revamp iMac range – and lose 17-inch model


According to Think Secret, Apple is planning an update to its iMac range – and that could mean the end for its 17-inch model, leaving just the 20–inch and 24-inch models.

The reasoning is down to cost – it’s now seemingly just as cheap to produce a 20-inch monitor as it is a 17-inch, so Apple can afford to lose the budget model. And it will help the company in terms of logistics – less models means less parts.

If there is an iMac relaunch, I’m sure we can expect boosted specifications in terms of processor, memory and storage. It’s all expected to happen sometime next month – we’ll have details as soon as they’re confirmed.

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Via Think Secret

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  • “Fewer models means fewer parts” you mean. I don’t get out much.

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