Limited edition Picoo Z Micro helicopter and Palm Z Indoor Aerobatic micro plane


The sun is out, the sky is blue and outdoor activities are top of the agenda. If sport isn’t quite you, how about flying these limited edition Picoo Z Micro helicopters and Palm Z Indoor Aerobatic micro planes?

The latest limited edition versions of the lightweight Picoo Z Micro helicopter launch in June 2007 and are ready to fly straight from the box – and with an auto-stability system, they’re ideal for beginners. Controls allow it to take off, hover, turn left or right and descend on flights up to 10 minutes. After that, it takes around 30 minutes to recharge. if you want to take it out at night, you can, as it features an LED strobe light so you don’t lose it. Each model retails for £29.95.

The Palm Z Indoor aerobatic micro plane is available from July 2007. There’s a choice of three new colour schemes and like the helicopters, are ready to go from the box. Lightweight and small at eight inches long, it’s good for both indoor and outdoor flying. Flight time is up to 5 minutes with a super-fast re-charge time of just 10 minutes. You can pick one up for £19.95.

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  • Ready-to-fly straight out the box, this palm-sized IR flying machine is perfect for indoor flights. And it won’t blow off the boss’s toupee or decapitate the dog, even in a head-on collision, as it’s only 17cm long and weighs a mere 10g. More importantly it won’t fall to bits, as it’s constructed from robust polypropylene the picco z video on gadgetstube

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