FoneLink software aids mobile phone synchronisation with Mac OS X

Mobile phones

fonelink.gifMac users will testify that support for synchronisation between many mobile phones and their computers can be woefully inadequate, compared to Windows users.

The German software developer NovaMedia has released FoneLink software that is supposed to significantly improve Mac OS X’s support for mobile phones.

It allows users to manage the data on their phone via their Mac, browse files, transfer and convert music, images and videos, and copy contact and task information.

Yes, it’s possible to use the built in iSync and Bluetooth (assuming you have a fairly modern Mac with Bluetooth), but NovaMedia suggest that their software is not only better for that, but also helps users with mobiles that connect via USB.

FoneLink can backup and restore the phone’s data. It also makes the most of OS X’s Smart Folders functionality, allowing users to set up rules-based folders on the Mac and have them automatically synchronised with the phone.

In addition, “Media Centre” functions let users access the Mac’s iLife functions, as well as having a smart conversion tool to rotate and resize images for use on the phone.

According to their website, the software supports a large number of Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, plus the Motorola KRZR K1 and RIZR Z3.

It’s available for €25 from the Novamedia web site.

Andy Merrett
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