USB Digital Microscope – boost your geek levels


There’s nothing that says “geek” quite so much as a microscope. And if it’s hooked up to your PC, like this USB Digital Microscope, all the better.

So what does a USB Digital Microscope do for you? Well, obviously, it allows you to zoom into a desired object for a detailed look – like that half-eaten sandwich or old coffee on your desk, which are bound to be growing a few interesting additions. But even better – this is USB, so that means you can plug and play, viewing the objects on your PC – up to 200x their original size.

And there’s even more than that. You can capture them as images or video, allowing you to save and manipulate your pictures, then send them or upload them. There’s also four LEDs for illumination and it all works on a PC or Mac.

Pick it up online, priced at $179.99 (around £90).

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Dave Walker
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