Archos XS104 4GB MP3 player now available in the UK

MP3 players

Archos is probably best-known for its video players right now, but it does still make the odd music player – and the latest addition to the range is the XS104 4GB MP3 player.

It features a 1.5-inch OLED screen, which doesn’t show video, but does allow you to store and view JPEG images – up to 40,000 in fact. Or you can play your music – in a choice of MP3, WMA, WAV or protected WMA formats, with the sleeve able to be shown whilst listening. The 4GB should offers storage for up to 2,000 tracks.

It also autosyncs with Windows Media 10 on your PC or connects to your stereo with a standard audio cable. Available in a choice of coloured aluminium cases, you can pick one up for £109.99.

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