Tapedeck.org – in praise of the humble audio tape


I am sure that I’m not alone in feeling a pang of nostalgia for the audio tape. Forget downloads and MP3 players – this was how most of us discovered the music that we still enjoy today.

But the dedication that created Tapedeck.org is perhaps taking it a little too far. It’s a website dedicated to the recordable tape, with images of “classic” tape brands. And not only that, there’s even different images of the tapes in their different sizes. And just to be completely anal, in a choice of metal, chrome or normal variety.

Yes, you could now be looking at the That’s MG-X100 with a tear in your eye, remembering that first compilation tape you made for your first girlfriend. Or alternatively, you could be thinking how much spare time some people must have on their hands,

Tapedeck.org website

Dave Walker
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