Bebo Mobile to launch on Orange

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Unsurprisingly, Vodafone were very chuffed when they got an exclusive deal to feature MySpace on mobile handsets. But Orange has struck back in the social networking battle with an exclusive deal with Bebo.

The media giant has struck a deal that will allow Orange customers to access Bebo with their phone, specifically to edit profiles, message online friends and update blogs. But it’s not all good news for Orange – this is an exclusive deal for a limited time. After that, it’s expected to be rolled-out across other networks.

Bebo access with an Orange handset is expected to launch over the summer months. Check with Orange for exact details.

Bebo website
Orange website

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  • There is a good begin with this service , however, why pay to use this service if other sites offer the same . I will use t9space site because works on any phone

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