Oregon Action Camera – record your extreme sporting moments


Summer’s here – and for many, that means the great outdoors. If it also means taking part in some extreme sporting action, you might want to record your heroic moment for posterity – with something like the Action Camera.

And you’ll probably need something that isn’t going to occupy your hands if your jumping out of a plane, surfing on a big wave or flying around a dirt track on a bike. The Action Camera is a digital movie camera you can attach to a helmet, mast, handlebars, your foot, arm or whatever you have available. And as you would expect, it is water, dirt, rain, snow and shock proof.

Just 32MB of memory for recording your clips, but it does have an SD card slot, so this can be boosted to 2GB. Imaging is via a 640×480 VGA CMOS sensor and you can play it back easily on a PC or TV.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries, you can pick one up for £99.95.

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Dave Walker
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