O2 offers incentives not to upgrade

Mobile phones

All those shiny new mobile phones – whatever handset we go for, we want another one a few weeks later. And certainly as soon as our contract allows us to. That’s not good news for the phone networks or indeed the environment. Well, O2 are taking steps to encourage you to keep the one you have.

The company is to pay customers not to upgrade, offering £95 in phone credit and a £10 donation to the Energy Saving Trust if you agree to keep your handset on for another year. Or if you’re feeling less charitable, £100 in credit and no money for the EST.

The money for the EST will be used to award grants to communities to implement carbon-reduction schemes.

So what’s it to be? Keeping your handset and helping the environment or looking cutting edge? It’s your call.

O2 website

Dave Walker
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