Boing Boing banned in Boston


boingboingbanned.jpgThe Boing Boing group blog and self appointed “directory of wonderful things” looks like it could be a bit too wonderful for the Mayor of Boston.

A reader trying to access the site from the city’s free Wi-Fi network over the weekend was greeted with a notice stating that access to the site was restricted. The page, exhibiting the seal of the Mayor of Boston, went on to explain that the site had been restricted by automatic censor software due to a ‘Banned combination phrase found’.

Seth Finkelstein, who’s no fan of web censor software, dug a bit deeper and discovered it was all because Boing Boing linked to Google with the SafeSearch feature turned off.

He concluded that the ban should be lifted in a couple of days, once the offending post scrolls off the frontpage.

Will Head
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