iDog gets a makeover – enter Spi-Dog


The iDog seems to have been around for a good couple of years, but that doesn’t mean the concept can’t get a makeover to squeeze out a few more sales. And with a new Spiderman movie on the horizon, why not Spi-Dog?

Spi-Dog – or venom if you prefer the evil flipside – is essentially the same product in different clothing. There’s no added web-based tricks or an ability to climb up buildings effortlessly. But if you always fancied an iDog, this one might tip it in your favour.

Spi-Dog develops one of three personalities according to the kind of music he hears, as well as functioning as a speaker for your audio player. Just plug the cable into the headphone jack of your audio device and watch him go. Multicoloured lights indicate mood – if your Spi-Dog is down, you can stroke him to cheer him up – or indeed discipline him if things are getting too boisterous.

Not exactly essential, but it might brighten up your desk. Available now for £29.95.

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Dave Walker
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