iDog for your iPod available in UK

MP3 players

Remember the iDog from a while back? I thought it would only be on sale to those lucky Japanese, but it seems that the bright sparks at Firebox have decided to import Sega’s cutesy robot dog for the benefit of gadget-starved Brits. It wasn’t too clear, back when we first posted it, just what exactly the iDog was, but with the aid of the press release I can now clear things up a bit.

Apparently, the iDog starts life as a puppy, requiring regular "meals" of music, which you’ll have to feed it every hour (already I’m going off it – you need to actually look after the thing?). You can attach it to your music player, PC, Video Game system or stereo and it will play music like a normal speaker. It’s also equipped with 8 emotions, ranging from happy to angry, which it can express by moving its ears, rotating its head and flashing its 7-colour LEDs. If he doesn’t like your music, he’ll go all grumpy. Plus, it will play stored mysic sequences and melodies – although there’s no mention of how much memory its got for this. It’s going to cost £29.95 and will be available from October.


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