Coming soon: Ultra-thin OLED TVs from Sony


No longer a concept, Sony has jumped ahead of its rivals by announcing it will be marketing ultra-thin OLED TVs this year.

The TV sets come with a much thinner panel than LCDs because it uses organic light-emitting diode technology – the panels with OLED TVs are just 3mm thick. But don’t expect a room-filling OLED TV – the first model is expected to feature just an 11-inch screen.

The specification will be announced nearer the official launch, but should include 1024 x 600 pixels across the 1,000,000:1 contrast panel capable of 8-bit RGB colour. Oh yes, it should also feature a high price tag, as you would expect for any jump in technology.

Exact details as soon as we have them.

Sony website

Via Pocket-Lint

Dave Walker
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