Camera phone popularity causing decline in sale of wallpaper

Mobile phones

mobile.pngNo, not the sort of wallpaper you stick on your wall – B&Q can rest easy – but rather digital wallpaper and phone graphics that certain companies take great pride in selling for extortionate prices.

People are instead using their own camera phones to personalise their displays with pictures they’ve taken themselves.

Instead, people are more willing to pay for data services and photo messaging.

In this climate (which is hardly a revelation: people use the photos they’ve taken themselves – gasp!) it will be interesting to see how services such as that formed by iStockphoto and AMUSE will fare. After all, there’s a world of difference between the quality of photos taken on a camera phone, and that by a semi-professional photographer.

Having said that, we’re only talking about phone wallpaper here, and even the largest smartphone screens don’t need super quality photos.

Having your own snap of your best mate doing something silly after a night on the town? Priceless.

Andy Merrett
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