Windows MORE secure than Mac, says Symantec


symantecthreat.jpgNo really – you didn’t read that wrong. Mac bad, Windows good. It’s not news you expect to hear everyday.

Security firm Symnatec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report found that during the second half of 2006, Microsoft’s OS needed fewer sticky plasters than rival systems and it was quicker at patching the holes, according to MacUser.

The report covers 1 July to 31 December 2006 so doesn’t include Vista, which was only launched earlier this year.

Microsoft was rewarded for only taking an average of 21 days to patch a sample of 39 vulnerabilities. Apple, on the other hand, was scolded for taking an average of 66 days, based on a sample of 43 vulnerabilities.

Bring on round four million and 27 in the Mac vs PC debate…

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report [via MacUser]

Will Head
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