Swear Box – a box that swears


Yes this is incredibly purile, but at the same time, the Swear Box is guaranteed to raise a laugh from your foul-mouthed friends.

Like a traditional swear box, it’s a place to pay financially for your indiscretions – and if you’re as foul-mouthed as me, a good place to save up for next year’s holiday. But here’s the good bit – when the money drops into the box, you get a sweary rant off the box in return. Which might make you think twice about swearing, especially if your gran happens to be in the room.

The rant comes via the built-in speaker and goes on for an impressive 12 seconds. You can even set it to random rants too, just to liven up the room. And when you need the cash, you can access it by removing the large stopper on the back.

Available now, you can pick one up for £7.95.

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Dave Walker
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