BluPhones – wireless Bluetooth headphones for music and calls

Mobile phones, MP3 players

If you’ve got an A2DP-friendly phone, you might as well take advantage of it – which is where BluPhones come in.

Essentially, it’s a lightweight (26g) Bluetooth headset, so you can use it with a Bluetooth-friendly music player or phone, but if you have a gadget that does both, all the better. You can take calls on the BluPhones and if music is playing, it will be paused for the duration of the call. On-ear controls allow you to easily answer and end calls – and if you don’t want your music interrupted, there’s an option for that too.

Then there’s the music, wirelessly streaming the tunes from your player or phone, with on-ear control for volume and skipping tracks. There’s five hours’ talk time, 60 hours of standby and a range of 10m.

You can order one now for £49.99.

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