Sony Bravia D3000 – just when you thought TVs had enough technology on board

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sony%20d3000.jpgThere are so many new TV technologies designed to make image quality, motion rendering and colour reproduction look better that it’s almost impossible to keep up with who’s doing what and what name they’re giving it. Sony’s latest wheeze is Motion Flow, which is available in this latest Bravia D3000. The technology is designed to remove the judder that you get when you’re watching fast moving scenes on a flat panel TV. This is especially a problem with movies shot on film, since they’re recorded in 24 frames per second and therefore have lots of little gaps that a TV struggles to deal with.

Well, this TV can also show films in 24 frames a second (or 24p as it is called), with interpolated frames added in automatically to smooth out any juddery motion. There’s a downside to all this, of course: much of the charm of films is that they have that cinematic judder. But Sony assures us that this has been taken care of, thanks to the Theatre mode which removes some of the judder that shouldn’t be there, but leaves enough to make it as the director intended it. The setting also changes the colours on your set, making them more in keeping with the original film. All very clever, and the demo I saw looked great, but that tends to be the way with demos, so it will be interesting to see how the D3000 fares when it’s unleashed in the real world.
Coming soon (DATE) with pricing still to be confirmed. [Katie Lee]

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