AW15: Sony’s first Bravia projector

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Thanks to those impressive ads, the Bravia TV range is possibly Sony’s strongest brand at the moment (WALKMAN still means cassettes to most of us). Which probably explains why the range has just been extended to include one of the company’s projectors. The AW15 projector is the first to use the Bravia brand, and is designed to appeal to consumers. It runs very quietly (20db is what we’ve been quoted) and it can produce a picture that goes up to a 200-inch screen size. It supports the 24p (24 frames/sec) film speed, so it will work with the Blu-Ray players and although there’s no pricing as yet, it’s supposed to be reasonably affordable (the Sony guys said somewhere in the region of €1500).

Read on for more, and a video of it in action.

Also on show was the Dyna Clear projector screen, which does an impressive job of showing you very good quality projected images in brighter light conditions. The special screen coating absorbs ambient light, and the demo we had was very convincing – although there is a bit of a trade off because the colour tailed away much more at the sides than a normal screen. Again, this is supposed to be reasonably affordable and will be similarly priced to other quality projector screens.

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