Samsung announce 64GB 1.8-inch flash drive


samsung-64gb-flash.jpgSamsung has announced a 1.8-inch 64 Gigabyte flash solid-state drive, based on an eight gigabit single-level-cell NAND that is supposed to provide much higher performance compared to conventional drives.

When compared to Samsung’s 32GB flash drive introduced last year, read performance has increased by 20% and write performance by 60% in the new drive. This also means that the drive outperforms conventional hard drives by more than had been anticipated.

According to Samsung’s statistics, their 64GB Flash drive can read at 64MB/s compared to an 80GB hard drive’s 15MB/s performance. It can write at 45MB/s compared to the hard drive’s 7MB/s. It’s also a quarter of the weight (15g compared to 61g) and consumes about one-third of the power of the hard drive.

Samsung plans to start mass production of the drive in the second quarter of this year.

Andy Merrett
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