Pinnacle launches portable TV tuners for Mac users


As well as announcing new product for the PC, Pinnacle has also announced its first USB TV tuners for the Mac, called (unsurprisingly) Pinnacle TV for Mac Sticks.

Two models are available, the Pinnacle TV for Mac DVB-T Stick – which allows European users to watch, TimeShift and record digital TV and radio (DVB-T) programs and the Pinnacle TV for Mac Hybrid Stick – which delivers the same functionalities as the DVB-T Stick, but adds analogue TV reception and acts as a video capture device. Both are USB powered and come with a remote control and mini antenna, or you can connect to an external antenna.

Software is the Elgato EyeTV Lite TV, which allows you to watch, pause or record your favourite shows. Recording is either on the on the fly or scheduled using the EPG. Recordings can be saved on the Mac’s hard drive in DVD-quality MPEG-2 format.

Both products will retail from the end of March, priced at £59.99 for the Pinnacle TV for Mac DVB-T Stick and £89.99 for the Pinnacle TV for Mac Hybrid Stick.

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Dave Walker
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