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hotenough.gifAppealing to the superficial nature that everyone has when it comes to dating (or so says Jason Pellegrino) is the new Internet dating site is for “fit, good-looking” people only, and only those who score at least 8 out of 10 on the ‘attractiveness scale’ – as voted for by current members – gain membership.

There are currently about 1,000 members, and for $9.95 per month they get to email other highly attractive members in the pursuit of lust true love.

Potential members have to send in at least three photos of themselves, one of which must be a full body shot. Current members then rate the pictures to see if they make the grade.

“People can say that the site is shallow, they can say it’s superficial, but I think we’re all a bit superficial when it comes to dating,” Pellegrino said.

When the service first launched several months ago, only about 8% of applicants made the grade. Now it’s about 25%.

Traditional Internet dating sites attract a lot of brave and desperate people, but not particularly attractive ones, Pellegrino and his partner Sean Cohen concluded.

Presumably, then, you can still be desperate to join, so look as you’re good looking too.

I am sure people will still find ways to cheat the system, though the application form states that only one photo may be a professional shot, which rules out nicking shots from model agencies’ web sites.

I wonder if members get booted out when they start losing their looks and become unattractive in the eyes of the clan? Supposedly by then the good-looking elite will have found their perfect dates.

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Andy Merrett
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