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Claimed to be totally legal and legitimate, My Voucher Codes is an interesting website that offers codes for discounts at major online web stores – sent in by site visitors.

You probably see boxes for entering discount codes when you shop online, but don’t use them – because you’ve never been sent one. But many are sent out – and one man had the idea of taking all of these codes, placing them online for easy access and encouraging others to send in new codes. He now receives over 100 new codes every day.

So if you are planning on doing some online shopping or you happen to have an unused code in your inbox, why not give it a try?

My Voucher Codes website

Dave Walker
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  • Yes, Promotional discount codes are the best way to save money, which lot of online users still not aware of. I have noticed that many websites are displaying codes are not valid or expired, which is a pain. I suggest to have a look at which seems to be very reliable.

  • Great idea. For some time now I’ve been getting emails from friends with these online codes but never had a reliable source that is continually updated. One word of warning, just because you get the discount code don’t assume you’re getting the best deal. Check out a good price comparison site as well like before parting with your money as retailers have been known to keep prices higher on items that have special offers.

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