Meridian's Ferrari-branded F80 home entertainment system

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So, you’ve got your Ferrari notebook – how about a matching sound system? That’s now on offer from Meridian, with its Ferrari-branded F80 home entertainment system.

Although the company waxes lyrical about its Art Deco styling and “state-of-the-art engineering”, this is essentially a tabletop/transportable stereo system – with a few surprises.

First off, the obvious points. It has a DAB/FM/AM tuner and a CD player. But you might not expect it to play DVDs – though obviously you’ll need to hook it up to a screen. Under the bonnet (see what I did there?) there’s three power amps, delivering over 80 watts to the two front speakers and rear subwoofer – compare that to the average transistor radio, which throws out just 5 watts.

The hand-built system is Ferrari-badged and comes in five official Ferrari colours, with limited edition luxury finishes to follow later in the year. No news on pricing as yet, but you can find out more at Meridian’s website.

Meridian Audio

Dave Walker
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