iRiver T50 MP3 player with 52-hour battery life

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Some things are more important than others when it comes to buying a portable music player – and battery life is always up there. So it’s good to see iRiver making the effort on that front with its forthcoming T50 music player.

What you get is an impressive 52 hours of power. But like all good things, there’s a downside – it doesn’t comes from a rechargeable battery, it’s from a standard AAA. Not the worst thing in the world, but not the best either.

It also offers 1GB of storage, a one-inch colour screen (for viewing photos if you have perfect eyesight), a voice recorder and an FM radio. Not a bad little package – and selling for the equivalent of £45 at its Japanese launch. No firm details of a European launch as yet.

iRiver website

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Dave Walker
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