Click4theCause – nick some of Microsoft's money


c4tc.jpgThere are 9 million children on this planet who are refugees. Of the 6 billion people alive on Earth today, 2.1 billion of them are children. If you can’t do the maths, by our calculations that means that 0.4% of the world’s children – or nearly one in every 200 – are refugees.

In an attempt to do our part to help combat this problem, Tech Digest is taking part in Click4theCause, a collaboration between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Microsoft.

For every web search made using Click4theCause, Microsoft will donate money to the campaign, which provides refugee children with education and sports programmes.

While you have the rest of the month to keep clicking for the cause, today is Click4theCause day across the Shiny Media network. If you’re doing a search anyway, point your browser away from your favoured search engine for the day, and Click4theCause instead – never before has it been so easy to help so many by doing so little.

For more information, visit If you want to donate directly, you can do so via the site or at the Live Spaces site.

The Live Spaces site also makes for a very interesting read, as it is filled with blog entries, photos, and videos created by and featuring children from refugee camps around the world. There is no better way to bring the refugee problem to life, and it’s impossible to learn their stories without feeling humbled about all the grumbling we do in our incredibly fortunate lives.

Kate Walker
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