Arcam rDock – audiophile's iPod dock

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Arcam has launched the rDock, claimed to be the first ‘audiophile’ iPod dock, with its ‘serious’ Hi-Fi components and construction techniques.

The rDock’s features include Intelligent Charging with programmable ‘charge-on’ ‘charge-off’ settings – that means it doesn’t overcharge, which can damage the battery and it sounds better, with sound quality said to improve when running off the iPod battery alone (with no charging going on).

Other features include the use of the iPod line-out connector – bypassing the headphone amp to achieve best quality, a built-in pre-amp for iPod audio with high performance op-amps and low noise double regulated power supplies, highest quality line-level audio with buffered RCA, die cast alloy structure for a reduction in vibration and S-Video and Composite outputs to show photos or movies on a larger screen.

Available now, you can pick one up for £130.

Arcam website

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