Sonic Chair – surround sound in the round

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Looking like the kind of thing that should house a ’60s Bond villain (stroking a cat, naturally), the Sonic Chair is actually a very modern piece of kit, offering you the chance to kick back and enjoy your music free from disturbance.

It takes inspiration from the classic Ball Chair from 1962, but adds a sound system to the design and an input jack so you can hook up your portable player of choice for the tunes. Satellite speakers are located throughout the inside of the structure, even in the seat and backrest, for a genuine surround sound. And once you’re inside listening to your music, the structure acts as acoustic insulation, protecting you from outside sounds and background noise.

Available in a range of colours (including some appropriately retro schemes) and with the chrome base, the Sonic Chair should be available to buy later this year. No price as yet, contact the company via the website for further details.

Sonic Chair website

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