Sky officially launches Remote Record service

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A few months back, we covered Sky’s Remote Record service for mobile phones. And over at Shiny Shiny, it got the hands-on treatment. Well, the ability to record TV shows wherever you are in the world has been extended, with the launch of Sky’s Remote Record online service.

Yes, you can now record your favourite shows with your Sky+ or Sky HD box at your desk, at a friend’s house or at an internet cafe. The online service is free to use – just access the site, view Sky’s seven-day TV guide and select programmes to record with a few clicks.

Stephen Van Rooyen, Sky’s Director of Product Management, said: “Remote Record is perfect for those situations when you hear about a TV show and want to record it there and then, if you’re stuck late at work or if you’ve simply forgotten to record that programme you want to watch. It’s about making TV fit around people’s increasingly busy lives.”

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One thought on “Sky officially launches Remote Record service

  • Ironic, really, that Sky is rolling this out with so much fanfare when equivalent (in fact, much more sophisticated) functionality has been available for TiVo users via TiVoWeb for years.

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