Powerex C9000 – the "ultimate" battery charger


Battery chargers are a practical item, not something you expect to hear bold claims about. But Powerex are doing just that, claiming its C9000 is the “ultimate” battery charger.

So, what does this super charger do? Well, unsurprisingly, it charges your batteries. There are four slots, each able to accommodate AA or AAA batteries. What it has above many other chargers is an LCD screen shows battery capacity in mAh, voltage, current and charge time – knowing the precise charge of each battery enables batteries to be matched, giving longer use.

The C9000 can be used anywhere in the world and also in a car with the optional 12V Cigarette lighter adaptor. So you can charge your batteries on the commute to work – that should save a bit of time in your life.

Available now you can pick one up for £49.95.

Find out more at the Maha Energy website

Dave Walker
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