Kodak offers free Image Enhancement Plug-Ins for common photo problems


Kodak has launched a range of Image Enhancement Plug-Ins to deal with the most common problems associated with digital images. The professional plug-ins work with 8 or 16 bit digital photographs and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and other programmes that support Photoshop plug-ins, both Windows and Mac.

The Digital Gem plug-in automatically reduces image noise/grain without sacrificing image detail or excessive softening, allowing photographers to create studio quality soft-focus effects, and image sharpening. The Airbrush plug-in allows users to create an airbrush effect by automatically smoothing areas of a digital image without blurring or reducing fine detail – minimising the imperfections of skin and other surfaces whilst fully preserving details like hair, eyebrows and the true character of the subject’s face.

The Digital Roc plug-in restores, balances and corrects the colour of almost any digital image by removing colour casts that have been caused by coloured lighting or fading. The software works by analysing the colour gradients of a digital image and then finding the optimum tone curve for each colour. And the Digital Sho plug-in automatically adjusts the dark areas in a digital image so that more detail is visible, correcting exposure problems in images with backlit subjects and uneven flash illumination, as well as partial shade.

Download the free plug-ins

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Dave Walker
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