MySpace may "die fast" if it doesn't get mobile social networking right

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myspace.jpgUs Brits will soon be able to access MySpace on our phones – well, we will if we’re on Vodafone, anyway, as the two companies have signed an exclusive deal. But is it that important that MySpace launches a mobile version?

Apparently so. Alex Kummermann of mobile social networking firm Clicmobile reckons that it’s essential to MySpace’s continued survival. “Big social networks are like mushrooms: they grow very fast, but they die very fast too,” he tells Techspace.

“MySpace is not as attractive as it was one year ago – some users have moved to Facebook or whatever. The challenge for MySpace is to keep the user base from moving to other websites. A good mobile strategy can help in that, but if they miss the mobile move, they might die quite fast.”

That said, it’s not as if MySpace’s rivals have been noticeably quicker to launch decent mobile versions, so News Corp’s mega-community won’t be going down the tubes just yet. Read the full interview at Techscape.

Stuart Dredge
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