Izisys – wire-free digital homes from £1,900

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Automated homes are still perceived as technology for the affluent, but a new company – Izisys – promises to take the wires out of your home at a price that’s got potential for the mass market.

Entry-level packages are apparently available from £1,900 – though it isn’t clear what you get for that price point. However, the company does claim to offer a single-remote solution for film, TV, music and photo libraries, access to music and TV in any room and access to your media via PC or mobile in your choice of room.

The company also offers remote TV recording, remote camera monitoring and in future months, remote lighting, heating and boiler control. A quick go on the company’s interactive design tool took me to £5,000 just by clicking on “media”, so the £1,900 package might not actually offer much. But if you want to work out a cost specifically for your home, check out the company’s website.

Izisys website

Dave Walker
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  • Great concept – nice site – I got quite a bit for £3000, not £5000

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