In 2018, nanorobots will be swimming around your body


Want to know the future of technology? Ask 3,500 South Koreans. The government there did just that, and came back with some marvellous predictions for how we’ll be interacting with technology in the future.

They include the notion that by 2018, nanorobots will be swimming along our blood vessels fighting disease, while by 2015, you’ll have a box sitting next to your computer delivering smells from the internet sites that you visit (I’m not sure if this’ll mean a decrease or increase in the popularity of online porn).

Meanwhile, by 2012, you’ll only have to recharge your mobile phone battery every two months. Personally, I was hoping we’ll all have mobiles built into our eyeballs by then, but perhaps Samsung haven’t yet kicked off that particular R&D project.

Finally, by 2015, soldiers will be kitted out with bulletproof and waterproof clothing that changes colour to match its surroundings. Except for British troops, of course, who’ll still be waiting for their long-promised shipment of 20th-century flak jackets…

(via BBC News)

Stuart Dredge
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