Good news Britney! Laser combs can cure baldness


lasercomb.jpgPersonally, I think Britney looks pretty fetching with her hair shaved off. Maybe she just fancied a change. That said, I normally weep for 20 minutes AFTER I go for a hair cut, not before.

Anyway, the good news for people who are going properly bald, rather than just shaven, is that the US Food & Drug Administration has just approved a new device called the Hairmax Lasercomb. Yep, it’s a comb, but it’s also a laser!

You run it through your thinning locks, and it “increases the numbers of thick hairs” apparently. It costs $545 if bought online. Sorry Britney, the only lasers that you’ll be needing anytime soon is to remove those tattoos…

(via ABC News)

Stuart Dredge