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actioncamera.jpgIf you’re an all-action BMX cyclist (or whatever the rad name for those gnarly dudes is nowadays), chances are you won’t be shooting much video while zooming off ramps or trundling down hillsides. Not unless you’re marvellous at riding no-handed, anyway.

However, if you’d like footage of your adventures, Oregon Scientific’s Action Camera is well worth a look. It’s a digital videocam that you can mount on your helmet or handlebars, and captures 640×480-resolution video leaving your hands free to, well, steer.

Footage is recorded onto SD cards, so stick a 2GB one inside, and you’re away. It connects to your PC or TV, is splash-proof, and runs of two AA batteries. Worth £99.95 of anyone’s money. As long as you’re into biking, of course.

Action Camera (also available from Oregon Scientific)

Stuart Dredge
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One thought on “Oregon Scientific hands-free Action Camera

  • I have been using this “action camera” for about a month now. Mostly at mountain bike races and rides. I am not very pleased with the performance of this device. Most of the times it “crashes” somehow and eveything that it is recorded till that point, is lost! I have a 2GB SD card formated at 16bit FAT. I never managed to fill it with recording due to various problems…

    Also there is a less annoying “effect” that has to do with image deformation (something like a watery effect) when the camera mounting is not rock solid. But this is acceptable.

    Finally it is completely unsuitable for recording at low lighting environment. And with this I mean even with sunset light. The result is too dark.

    When you manage to overcome these issues, the video recorded is good and with good color representation.

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