UK broadband now generally cheaper than dial-up


broadbandmodem.jpgI can’t remember when I was last on a dial-up Internet connection, but I know there are still people who haven’t upgraded to broadband. For some of those, it might be because you do need a certain standard of PC or Mac to enable it to work, but for others it could be because they think it’s too expensive to switch.

Now a new report from says that Britons can “almost certainly” save money by switching to a broadband connection, irrespective of whether they were on a pay-per-minute or flat-rate plan.

Of course there are more advantages to broadband than the cost.

“With an 8Mb connection, broadband is 143 times faster than dial-up. You can download far larger files, watch videos online, use a wireless connection and you’ll even save money as well,” said Karen Darby, SimplySwitch’s founder.

SimplySwitch have calculated that using the Internet for just 2 hours per week on dial-up is now more expensive than the equivalent time on broadband, particularly as it takes so much longer to access even simple web pages and email via dial-up, and it’s often more unreliable.

Over 40% of UK households now have broadband.

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  • it anoys me that no matter who you talk to it seems like they all think that everybody can get broadband, im still stuck with the diar speeds or dial up, usually struggling to get 21Kb/s due to the age of telephone line near me and my distance from my local exchange, of and yes i do live in the country!!!!!!

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