Top 10 most desired characteristics of a web hosting company

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supanethosting.gifDesigning and hosting a web site or blog on free space is all very well, but if you’re a business or individual wanting a more professional image, paying for some web hosting is the way to go.

Web hosting firm Supanet has carried out some research amongst its customers, asking them what they value most in a web host, and have come up with a top ten. Not surprisingly, they claim to offer everything their customers want.

Read on for the list:

The top 10 most desired characteristics in a web hosting firm are:

  1. Value for money
  2. Great customer service
  3. Multiple hosting features
  4. Responsive support
  5. Generous web space and bandwidth
  6. Website security
  7. Reliable hosting company
  8. Up-time reliability
  9. Easy and fast access to your data
  10. Wide range of hosting packages

Andrew Barton from Supanet says that many people are disillusioned with web hosting companies, a trait that his company hopes to redress. At the risk of sounding like a spokesman for them, they’re also offering a chance for new customers to win a 32 inch LCD TV. However, in the style of BBC ‘advertising’: “Other web hosting providers are available”

And usually, you get what you pay for.

Andy Merrett
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