t+ diabetes system – control diabetes with your mobile phone

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When you think of the extra functionality a mobile phone offers, it’s usually in the area of entertainment. But a new diabetes management for mobile phones could change that.

Around three million people in the UK suffer with diabetes and need to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, limiting the onset of long-term, debilitating complications, including heart disease, kidney failure, coma, amputations, blindness and impotence. t+ medical has pioneered a way to help people take control of long term conditions by turning a mobile phone into a personal healthcare management system.

The t+ diabetes system gives people instant personal feedback, helping them to spot day-to-day fluctuations that can have a devastating long term impact. The data is also transmitted to a website for detailed analysis and remote monitoring by a nominated healthcare professional and the t+ Specialist Nurse.

“Essentially it’s a self-management tool, but because we can see patient readings on a secure website, we can advise on changes in insulin dosage without having to ask patients to come into the surgery,” explains Dr Jeremy Wheeler, GP. “Especially when you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes, it’s very reassuring to know that your GP or practice nurse is monitoring your progress. Being able to check patients’ readings remotely and give them a call with advice is a big plus.”

t+ diabetes system

Dave Walker
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