Skype announces new pricing policy and connection fee


Skype has announced its latest pricing policy, which includes some price cuts, a new all-in package deal and the introduction of a connection fee for users.

The subscription package is Skype Pro, which offers free calls to national landlines (after a connection fee), free voicemail, a discounted SkypeIn number and various extras for 2 Euro per month. In addition, the company is also reducing global rates for call to the Czech Republic, Guam, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and both Alaska and Hawaii in the United States.

However, on a more negative note, a connection fee is now effective for all calls. This has been set at 0.039 Euros, excluding VAT (£0.029). The Skype Unlimited Calling plan in the U.S. and Canada and the Talk for Britain campaign in the UK do not include a connection fee for national calls.

For full details of the Skype pricing plans visit the Skype website.

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One thought on “Skype announces new pricing policy and connection fee

  • Skype Pro has not started yet, but Voipbuster already came up with a better plan.
    Voipbuster launches Voipbuster Pro! Same quality as Skype Pro only 60% cheaper!

    The advantages of using Voipbuster Pro instead of Skype Pro are:
    -you only pay € 10 for a whole year of unlimited calling (with Skype Pro you will pay € 24 *)
    -with Skype Pro you can only use it for national calls; with Voipbuster Pro you can make national as well as international calls
    -with Skype Pro you only buy 1 unlimited destination; with Voipbuster Pro you buy unlimited calls to 44 destinations
    -Skype Pro will be available in 19 countries, Voipbuster Pro in 44 countries!

    For more information please visit
    Best regards,

    * The connection fee is € 0.039 per call for both Skype Pro and Voipbuster Pro

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