Skype's KiskKish Lie Detector plug-in


Bad news for compulsive liars over at Brandish – the KiskKish Lie Detector plug-in for Skype is about to find you out.

How? Well, it analyses stress levels in your voice, which are shown on the user’s PC through various methods, including a traditional jumpy needle, lights or just a plain ‘high’ or ‘normal’ message. So if you’re ringing up the boss for a sickie via Skype, make sure its genuine.

To find out more about this and to catch up with more great articles, visit Brandish now.

Dave Walker
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One thought on “Skype's KiskKish Lie Detector plug-in

  • Does the KishKish VSA plug-in record the conversation so it can be replayed??? If so, it could be benchmarked against other VSA systems that have been in use and undergone evaluation. If anyone knows please let me know.

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