Samsung launches 7 megapixel L74 with wide-angle lens


Samsung’s third new launch after the NV11 and the i7 is the L74 Wide, a 7 megapixel camera equipped with a wide-angle lens.

The L74 Wide features a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, 3.6x optical zoom and a 28mm wide-angle lens for wider picture images, so ideal for those holiday landscape shots. Like the previously-announced models, it also features Samsung’s Face Recognition technology for improved people shots and the ASR image stabilisation system for better images in dimly lit conditions.

Like the i7, the L74 has a built-in Tour Guide function, with details of over 4,000 regions in over 30 countries. It also has a movie mode (MPEG-4 SVGA quality) and 450MB of on-board storage.

The L74 Wide will retail at £229.99 and will be available from mid-March 2007.

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Dave Walker
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