Samsung launches i7 – rotating digital camera with MP3 player and travel guide


Alongside the conventional NV11, Samsung has launched the feature-packed i7, which squeezes a 7 megapixel camera with rotating screen, MP3 player and travel guide into a single slimline device.

The 7 megapixel i7 with 3x optical zoom features a 3-inch touch screen LCD which rotates through 180 degrees, allowing you to switch quickly between features. With the LCD in neutral (0 degrees) you can access your music through the integrated MP3 player. With the LCD rotated to 90 degrees, you can watch videos with the Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) function. And turned a full 180 degrees, you can take photos and capture MPEG-4 SVGA quality movies.

And there’s the Tour Guide function, providing quick access to information about places in over 4,000 regions in 30 countries, with updates available via the net. Other features include on-camera editing of your images and movies, Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) system and ISO 1600 high sensitivity for improved images in poor light plus Face Recognition for improved people shots.

The Samsung i7 will retail at £249.99 and will be available from mid-March 2007.

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