ROK launches Monkey Sports News – sports news read by monkeys

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While the quality of some satellite TV sports reporting might leave a lot to be desired, no-one has, as yet, launched a station manned by monkeys. But there is one for your mobile – Monkey Sports News from Rok.

As you would expect from ROK, it’s a TV service for 2.5G networks, available on both ROK TV and FreeBe TV. No cruelty is involved – instead it’s just technology at work. Monkey Sport News, which is aimed at both men and women, takes a live text feed of sports stories and uses a speech recognition programme to lip synch the stories, which are read by computer-generated animals.

According to Bruce Renny, Marketing Director of ROK: “Aside from catering to the traditional male sports demographic, we have designed Monkey Sports News in a fun and quirky way to also appeal to the growing demographic of female sport enthusiasts. In the past three months alone, ROK has seen a twenty per cent increase in the consumption of sport content by women, across our mobile TV services.”

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