OtterBox launches rugged BlackBerry cases

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1930otterbox.jpgYou’ve not seen true despair until you’ve seen a high-flying business-person with a broken BlackBerry – especially if the cause was their own butterfingers. OtterBox’s new 1930 and 1931 rugged BlackBerry cases might prevent their woe, mind.

The cases have water-resistant polycarbonate/ABS shells, plus rubber moulding making them easier to grip. There’s also a rigid screen cover to protect the display from scratches.

OtterBox reckons soldiers are especially keen on the cases – all the better to ensure safe transmission of those illicit snaps of Iraqi prisoners, presumably.

Anyway, the 1930 fits the BlackBerry 8700 series, and the 1931 fits the 7200 series, and both come in black with grey rubber. They’re on sale from the OtterBox website now, for $129.95.

OtterBox 1930 and 1931

Stuart Dredge
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