MoGo Dapter – the world's smallest Bluetooth adaptor?

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Regular readers may recall the MoGo Mouse from late last year – a super-thin laptop mouse that hid/recharged inside your machine’s PC card slot when not in use. Well, those clever people from Newton Peripherals are back with the MoGo Dapter, quite possibly the world’s smallest Bluetooth adaptor.

The MoGo Dapter sticks out just a centimetre from your USB slot, a small price to pay for adding Bluetooth 2.0 functionality to your notebook. It also has a range of 30ft and is good for both Windows PC and Mac.

Unfortunately, the one thing we don’t know is the price. It should be on sale around the middle of 2007, with possibly for around $50 in the US. But you can register your interest at the company’s website to stay informed of developments.

Newton Peripherals website

Dave Walker
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