Macworld 2007: Rumours and expectations for the keynote and beyond

Macworld 2007


With just over a day to go before Steve Jobs delivers his keynote speech, and the rumours and expectations are (as per usual) in overdrive.

Some fall into the ‘clutching at straws’ category whilst other rumours which were around for most of 2006 have been dismissed by counter-rumours. It’s not news… but then, this is Apple.

Who’d have thought that a seemingly innocuous ‘welcome to 2007’ banner on the Apple web site (pictured above) could start a rumour in itself? Well, despite incredulous rants from web designers, Valleywag actually bothered to measure the image and found out that it was 744×420 pixels, a ‘magic’ 16:9 ratio. Apparently that now means that Apple is plotting HDTVs and flat panels.

They conclude: “I hesitate to go against the rumor mill, but where are home consumers spending most of their money now? On big-screen TVs that say Phillips, Sony, Panasonic — every logo but Apple’s in the most sacred spot in the house.”

Meanwhile, the Apple Gazette have been shaking their magic 8-ball. They predict iTV being shown and properly named, but lacking high definition capabilities, plenty of Leopard action (with a possible release), up to 50-inch displays, iTunes expansion, Google partnerships, but no iPhone…

Other possibly more mundane rumours uncovered include updating .Mac storage to 30GB.

Gizmodo has a fairly decent roundup of what could be unveiled, with percentage likelihood, though of course it’s all arbitrary.

OK, enough of the rumours now. From now on we’ll be reporting what’s actually happening at Macworld.

Andy Merrett
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