Macworld 2007: Portago multi-function case for video iPod

Macworld 2007, MP3 players

portagoipodcase.jpgTursiogear used Macworld to show off their new Portago case that allows 5th generation video iPods to connect to a broad range of output devices, whilst serving as a protective case, charger, and dock.

It comes with a remote for controlling the iPod at a distance. It offers various output ports, including S-Video, AV line out, and a 30-pin dock connector.

The click-wheel is accessible through a window in the case door, whilst a clear cover protects the screen. It also features a retractable power outlet plug, plus an adaptor insert to accommodate the thinner 30GB video iPod.

It’s being aimed at all kinds of users, from teens, to business users who want to store video presentations on their iPod instead of taking a laptop.

The manufacturers must be hoping that their product will increase the usage of the iPod’s video capabilities. A recent piece of Nielsen research suggested that only 2% of the content being played on 5th generation iPods was video content.

It’s available to pre-order from their web site, currently offered at $79.95, with an estimated release date of April 2007. No international retailers are yet listed.


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